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Portable Temporary Roadways

Fieldtrack Ltd. provides specialist services to event organisers, venues and contractors alike. Our portable roadways give temporary access and ground protection for everything from pedestrians to abnormal loads, all in one simple format.

Any project, any size

Whether you require a simple roadway installation or something more complex like crossing sites of Special Scientific Interest, or supporting heavy loads on poor ground conditions, we have the experience and the capability to give you a cost effective, workable solution.

A quality solution

Constructed to provide the best combination of strength and support, whilst retaining a pedestrian friendly profile, the Fieldtrack panel is ideal in all scenarios where it is essential to provide vehicular access and interface with pedestrians in the safest possible environment.
With a shallow ridge on the upper and lower surfaces, the panels can be installed either way up without comprimising the grip offered to rubber-tyred vehicles. That same ride, whilst offering vehicles effective traction, is kept shallow enough not to impede pedestrian users and so provide a safe and sturdy surface upon which they can walk.

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